Aromatherapy Apt $150-$75 (sliding scale or trade)

The chemical components of essential oils can be used for a variety of healing ranging from the physical to the emotional. Aromatherapy can be used to enhance a meditation practice, ease anxiety or provide comfort during a time of loss. 


Using essential oils as agents for healing requires time and participation from us both. Your appointment begins with a personal consultation that lasts approximately an hour. During our shared time, we explore what you are pursuing to heal and I’ll collect a relevant medical history. Following the consultation, I research the plants and essential oils then select and formulate your aromatic blend. This unique recipe is hand blended for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically. All aromatic formulas will be provided within a week of the appointment.


While there are three focuses for an aromatherapy appointment listed, if you have something specific or outside these topics you wish to discuss please let me know. 

Reducing Stress and Anxiety 

When we identify the issues creating stress we can match and explore how certain essential oils can support your well being. An essential oil blend will be created to help support your efforts in reducing symptoms of stress, ie. restlessness, tension, muscle pain, headaches and more.

Facing Fear of Death 

Many of us fear death, whether it is our own or the death of a beloved. Through a private and supportive conversation we can talk about your own mortality or the death of a loved one. I began offering this service after completing a certification as a death midwife (death doula). I feel, western culture doesn’t address or discuss death and this leads to fear of the unknown. Death is something we will experience, it is personal and can be empowering rather than a topic to avoid. Based on our discussion, an aromatic blend will be created for your support as you explore the impermanence of life.

Creating a Personalized Self Care Routine.  

Explore ways to use the plants around you and the supplies you have in your home to develop healthy life practices to support your immunity and well being

Aromatherapy Products

Each aromatic blend is a personal creation. Every appointment includes one personalized aromatherapy product. Should you desire additional products, I have a small collection of herbal infused base oils for topical use, bath salts, hydrosols, essential oils and flower essences. Additional products may be discussed during the consult. An add on product typically costs $15 (BUT price is dependent on amount and cost of materials)

*  Due to Recent Health Concerns with the Corona virus, appointments are being offered through phone, facetime, zoom or skype. 



Gratuity Free Policy

Please note effective April 1, 2020 

I would like my space to be a stress-free , GRATUITY FREE, self care sanctuary. In lieu of tipping, I advise that you invest further in your self care by upgrading to a more enhanced treatment, purchasing a home care product, or by booking your next facial with me.