Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian method of hair removal using a 100% natural paste of sugar, lemon and water. No resins, No chemicals, no dyes. It's is water soluble, will never adhere to live skin cells, and will not burn skin as it's applied at room temperature and, removes hair in direction of natural growth.  


Bikini 40

Brazilian 55

Lip 15

Underarm 25

Half Arm (includes hands) 45

Full Arm (includes hands) 60 & up

Hands or Feet 20

Calves 45

Thighs 55

Full Leg (includes feet) 75 & up

Half Leg (includes feet) 45 & up

Back 55

Tummy 25


Back 55 & up

Chest 55 & up

Underarm 30

Stomach 35

Shoulders 25

Full leg 85 & up

Half Leg 55

Full Arm (includes hands)60 & up

Half arm (includes hands) 45


DO's     &     DONT'S

Exfoliate everyday, try a simple exfoliating glove or natural loofah sponge.

Keep the area away from constant friction. This may create some irritation and result in ingrown hairs.

Shower immediately after exercise to keep follicles clear and bacteria free.

Do book your appointments 3-6 weeks apart. The hair grows in multiple cycles.  In order to get ideal results we need to weaken each stage by removing new growth as it comes through. 

Pick at ingrown hairs. The bacteria found in an infected follicle combined with inflammation weakens and the pore lining.

Do excessive activity immediately after appointment (hot yoga, bike rides, hot tubs, etc).

Sunbathe 24 hours before or after treatment (exposing treated area).

Shave between treatments. The goal of consistent hair removal is to remove the root of the hair so it grows back new making it softer, finer, and fewer in number.