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As an integrative women's health chiropractor I’m passionate about supporting women in their journey towards empowerment, holistic wellness, and fulfillment.


Working with a diverse range of clients and modalities since 2007, I’ve nurtured a deep understanding of the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, recognizing women's specific needs and the profound impact that they have on their overall well-being once they are met.  My depth of study and incorporation of natural healing and bodywork practices, trauma resilience, nervous system healing, and other esoteric feminine healing arts, has taught me a deep reverence for the female body and feminine energy system.


I believe empowerment begins with helping women connect with their bodies and heal from within. In every patient interaction, my priority is to create a safe and comfortable environment where individuals feel heard, understood, and are actively involved in their own healing journey.   It is a brave choice to embrace our humanity, to be curious about our bodies, and to explore new perspectives and experiences that challenge our limiting beliefs.  Supporting women to speak their truth, express their desires, and live from their power is my highest priority.

We are too often told that we must simply live with issues such as incontinence, menstrual pain, low back pain, and other pelvic issues, which is simply not true!

Your body is an incredible self-healing organism. Bodywork and self-care are key components in clearing interferences to its natural state of being and optimum expression.


Your journey towards relief is calling you to take the first brave step, and I am here as your steadfast ally and guide. 


Beyond my professional pursuits, I find harmony in simple joys such as my two sweet dogs, dance, movement, and soaking up the sunshine outdoors.  As a Sagittarius, I possess the innate curiosity and unwavering determination to continually expand my knowledge and skills, ensuring that my clients receive the best possible care and support.



"Empowerment is not about proving other people wrong; it is about proving to yourself what is possible." - Emerlyn Forge



-Dr. Charity Lenhoff 

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