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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Ayliandra. I’m in possession of this rich, sometimes unexpressed inner world (Saturn in Aquarius). I sing. I write. I have the most laughter with myself in private moments. I like rap music and jazz and singing along in the most obnoxious ways. These small, unobserved moments bring me joy. 

I operate from an understanding that nothing is a coincidence and everything is meant to further our growth and ability to love and be compassionate of one another. This is a sometimes an easy, joyful lesson, and oftentimes a very challenging one. 

I don’t always aim to be the most relatable or understandable. I aim to be authentic, to connect, to understand, to see others and in return, to be seen. I’ve hid myself for many years. Feeling alienated most of my upbringing and revealing myself slowly to those most persistent/safe/?? This has ultimately given me the self expressed nature that I possess now and am growing now. 

I’ve made the connection more recently than those in my life feel most enriched when I’m able to share my inner world. There’s a magical place deep inside. It’s full of singing, silliness and insights. When I can access this part of myself and my inner world and share it with others, that’s where the truest connections I’ve ever built lie. This place gets hidden underneath this paralyzing self-censorship. This debilitating fear of my authentic self being seen and misunderstood leaving me in the depths of the pain that are hard to resurrect myself from. 

Through the overcoming of my own challenges, I hope to enrich the lives of those who come in contact with me and my creations. It’s my intention to bring magic into the lives of those who could truly benefit from it. 

It’s the embracing of this fun, silly place within that’s been able to lead me to this place of peace and wisdom within myself. This is the place where these deep insights and all the esoteric teaching and lessons are able to be practically applied. 

Astrology has always been woven into my journey even from a young age. Like many, my birthday always felt special to me. My birthday was always acknowledged as special. 

I was born on the Fourth of July. I’ve always been a strange sort of a rebel. I’ve found it ironic that someone as unpatriotic as myself and as unattached to the idea of what America is could be tied to such a significant day. It felt to me that the America wasn’t meant for me. I was dark, female, unpopular and unexpressed. I found refuge and feelings of uniqueness in what I knew of my identity. I was a Cancer, and the bad rap Cancers received was just a apart of the further misunderstanding that I’d grown accustomed to. It is, after all, the nature of the Crab to clam up. 

The bits and pieces started coming together when I was 16 years old and given a book on North Node Astrology. This is considered your souls lessons for this lifetime. Learning that there was more to astrology than the superficial sun signs was illuminating. I dived deep into astrology and haven’t looked back since. 

Learning the sacred language of astrology has given me a different lens to understand and embrace myself and the world more fully. It’s allowed me to really deepen my understanding of those I love most in my life, and the cosmic lessons the universe is always teaching us. Seeing how the universe has set us up for this lifetime has become this beautiful process of uncovering more information and receiving the aha moments that follow it. 

I need the reminder often to follow the things that lead me to rediscover the magic that lies within myself. I invite you to join me in following the special things in life that make you feel alive and lead you back to the magic within you. 

I’m so grateful to my wonderful, supportive friends who encourage me to pursue my passion of astrology and take it as far as I dream of. With all of that being said, I could not be more excited to be working in collaboration with my dear friends at Beauty Republic to develop our upcoming series of Astrology Facials. 

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