Reducing Stress and Anxiety w/ Essential Oils $65, $55 or trade

This service allows you to work with a certified aromatherapist to discover how essential oils can support your well being

Facing Fear of Death, through a supportive conversation (with a certified death midwife) ease into dialogue about your own mortality or the anticipated death of a beloved

Create a Personalized Self Care plan, and explore ways to use the plants around you and the supplies you have in your home to develop healthy life practices to support your immunity and well being

 *  Due to Recent Health Concerns with the Corona virus, appointments are being offered through phone, facetime, zoom or skype. Appointments will be scheduled for approximately 40 minutes, and an accompanying oil blend will be created for you. Due to the nature of this viral outbreak, I am lowering prices where I can and now offer a sliding fee scale (please anticipate paying electronically). And note, I will happily trade or barter for services as another alternative.




Individual Session exchange $75

The chemical components of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, resins, root and leaves help us feel grounded, less anxious and have the ability to assist in the management of pain, help strengthen our immune system, decrease stress and fatigue, support our ability to focus and experience an increased sense of well being. I use ethically sourced essential oils to blend for emotional support. This appointment includes a consult to discuss the emotional issue for which you seek relief or support. Based on the consult together we will develop a unique essential oil blend for you to use aromatically (inhalation) or topically. Appointments range from an hour to 90 minutes. Please see for additional info.