Gua Sha *Signature Facial $115 and up (70 minutes)

Therapeutic stones are used to restore a youthful glow while holding a space for deeply nourishing relaxation.
What to expect:

-Firming tightening of the skin.

-Minimize appearance of pores and puffiness

-Balance energy centers

-Ultimate relaxation. 

Temple of Beauty Facial $99 (55mins)

We’re excited to be the first space in Tucson to offer the @odacite Temple of Beauty Treatment. 

Because each person is unique, a completely bespoke concentrated cocktail of vitamins, anti oxidants, plant extracts, and medicinal herbs are infused into the skin, through ancestral facial techniques and vibrational crystals.


One of a Kind $75 (50 minutes)

The One of a Kind Facial is designed to nurture skin (and psyche) while bringing balance through hydration and exfoliation. Begin with a soothing aromatic facial cleanse, followed by a skin analysis and mini consult about skin care routine. Relax and inhale the scent of plants, herbs and flowers as your skin is toned then massaged with almond or jojoba oil. Lymphatic drainage will encourage the elimination of toxins and may be paired with gentle face cupping to increase circulation (great for break outs and softens age lines). Exfoliation techniques are matched with skin type and condition. For example rosehip seed powder may be added to your cleanser or a fruit enzyme may be applied as a mask. The skin on your scalp is included too and while a mask is hydrating your face your scalp gets treated to a calming massage. This facial service ends with moisture, balance and a glow that should leave you smiling. 

Baby Face (Fruit or Mild Chemical Peel) $35 

Shed dull dead skin with a peel. We offer a variety of enzyme and chemical peels to target your skincare concerns. We care about the safety and health of your skin and because of this, we don't offer peels to clients who's skin isn't properly prepped for the treatment.  (30 mins)

Perfectly Polished (Dermaplane) $49

Get glowing with a deep exfoliating treatment that's safe yet provides superb results.  A sterile disposable surgical blade is used to remove dead skin cells as well as vellus hair aka "peach fuzz." Dermaplaning allows for better product penetration and increased cell turnover. It'll leave you feeling effortlessly smooth and requires no downtime. (40 mins)




DO's     &     DONT'S

Bring your daily skincare and makeup products to your appointment if your concerned about breakouts and or acne

Avoid wearing makeup for at least 6 hours after a facial

Avoid prolonged sun exposure prior to and after your treatment 

Do wear sunscreen daily prior to and after your treatment 

Reschedule your appointment if you have a sunburn 

Arrive without makeup if you're appointment is for a consultation only

Use Retin A for at least 3 days prior to your appointment 

Workout, break a sweat, use saunas or hot tubs. Avoid hot or even warm water on your skin. Prior to an enzyme or chemical peel your skin is more at risk for hyperpigmentatation (darkening of the skin).

Forget to wipe your cell phone, and sunglasses prior to touching your fresh face.

Pick at your blemishes, leave that to a professional.  You may cause the spreading of bacteria and worsen your skin conditions.