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       Time                      Exchange

75 minutes               $140

         90 minutes.              $150-180

All of our facials are customized to meet the needs and possible concerns of your skin on the day that you arrive in our space. We invite you to schedule the amount of time that you feel is best for you.  Upon your arrival you will consult with your Facialist, only then will a treatment plan be created. 


The 75min special features:

Aroma therapy maybe included

    •    Peel/Enzyme

    •    Use of the ultrasonic

    •    High frequency

    •    Hydrating mask/ hydro jelly

    •    Cold eye treatment

    •    Cold globes/ jade roller

    •    LED

The 90 min special features:

Aroma therapy may be included

    •    Dermaplane

    •    Nanoneedle(coming soon)

    •    Ultrasonic

    •    High Frequency

    •    Hydrating mask/ Hydro Jelly

    •    Cold eye treatment

    •    Gold globes/ Jade Roller

    •    LED

Dermaplane+Enzyme+ Hydrating mask $115

Face Reality (coming soon) $100 (must purchase products separate.)

Follow-Up Face Reality (coming soon) $90 (must purchase products separate.)

Enzyme or Chemical peel $75-$90


Gratuity Free Policy

We would like our space to be a stress-free, GRATUITY FREE, self care sanctuary. In lieu of tipping, I advise that you invest further in your self care by upgrading to a more enhanced treatment, purchasing a home care product, or by booking your next facial with me.

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