Welcome!  I’m Marissa and, I’m abundantly grateful to work at Beauty Republic. I’ve been intrigued by skincare since the age of 14 (thanks to my beautiful mother). 


I’m frequently in search of the most effective, non invasive, eco friendly approach to caring for my clients skin. I love and respect Mother Nature therefore, it’s a personal goal of mine to partner with product lines that respect the craft of creating small batch eco friendly skincare.


I believe as an esthetician the most important tool one can use is their hands. They’re magic, messengers if you will, care takers, they’re healers. Throughout the many trainings I’ve attended I leave knowing that their is power in my hands. 


I know in my heart that the universe works in so many magical ways. I continue to experience it daily...It’s allowed me to work with my best friends. Part of why I love what I do is because of who I do it with. We have an amazing team of women working here, and a lovely tribe of people who walk in and out of here daily. The beautiful people (clients) who step into our space also make it what it is. For example: they take time to look at the sunset, they practice courage, they “show up.” 


If I’m not at work I’m cooking (it brings me joy), sharing a meal with my lovely husband. Or enjoying the company of our dogs. 


I often have to pinch myself because of how miraculous life is when we take time to see it as such. At the end of it all really I’m really just compassionate, empathetic, courageous, silly, vulnerable and kind. I don’t aim for perfection. I aim to be whole and to face life from a place of authenticity. 


Favorite city: Paris, France 

Favorite skincare product: Joëlle Ciocco Sensitive Cleansing Milk and Joëlle Ciocco Thermal Blossom Mask

Favorite restaurant: Depends on my mood, but I love Tumerico, B Line, and Time Market 

Favorite quote: “Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness.” 
― Caroline Myss