All of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the Navajo Hopi COVID 19 Relief and the Northern Dine Relief Effort.  Last day to Pre order will be 5/27/2020 after they're ordered production could take up to two weeks.  


Design info: During a virtual "Open Floor Movement" class teacher Kathy Altman was guiding us through an exercise and said "expand, take up space, get bigger than you've ever imagined.  If you can't that's ok but tell the truth about it."  What she said really spoke to us.  Let us begin to tell the truth about it all.  The truth about the ability to show up or not, whats holding us back so that we can be set free.  Most importantly let us tell oursleves the truth so that we can begin the healing process however it may be.  Truth tellers are needed now more than ever!!!

Tell the Truth Tee's Crop

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