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       Time                      Exchange

60 minutes.                   $119

Express Dermaplane   $80

Dermaplane & Facial   $159

Back Facial                       $109

Hydrating Coconut and Ginger Body Treatment $99

All of our facials are customized to meet the needs and possible concerns of your skin on the day that you arrive in our space. We invite you to schedule the amount of time that you feel is best for you.  Upon your arrival you will consult with your Facialist, only then will a treatment plan be created. 


Each skincare service is unique and includes the following: 


Double cleanse

Skin analysis

In depth facial massage (which may include one or more of the following: Gua Sha, Sculpture, Buccal, or Thai Herbal Poultice) 



Treatment serum



Sculpture Massage 

This facial massage is performed by the Epidermologie® practice exclusively using Joëlle Ciocco's French skincare products. This is a Deep Tissue Massage conducted on three sculptural lines of the face, restoring the clear edges of the face as well as diminishing pouches under the eyes and sagging skin. 


Gratuity Free Policy

We would like our space to be a stress-free, GRATUITY FREE, self care sanctuary. In lieu of tipping, I advise that you invest further in your self care by upgrading to a more enhanced treatment, purchasing a home care product, or by booking your next facial with me.

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